Is It Possible to Change After Age 40?


In reading the new book, "Paramhansa Yogananda a Biography," there is a statement I have a question about (pg. 44). It says Master stated that after the age of forty, it is almost impossible for most people to change. Although it does go on to give an example of someone who was in their eighties that was able to attain liberation, I find this very discouraging since I am new to this path, and came onto it when I was almost 40. Can you elaborate on what Master meant?


—Anonymous, US


Dear Friend,

That quote is a general reference only. Just as some people live into “old age” vibrant, spry and creative and others comatose, our capacity to change for the better (spiritually) depends on our energy and will power (and a heap of divine grace, too).

So don’t concern yourself but it is good to understand that after a certain point in life certain kinds of changes will be more resistant to change. It’s a question of having realistic expectations. But our soul and God’s grace is ever present and eternal and if we draw on that power anything is possible.

Blessings to you,

Nayaswami Hriman