Is My Spiritual Eye Awakening?


i have a question i think someone over here can help me with. whenever i go to sleep at night, i am able to see shades of what appears to be a circle of deep blue with different colors at the center, but then that vanishes in seconds. also, when i close my eyes in meditation, i feel pressure in between my eyebrows. my question here, is, does this relate to the third eye awakening? if so, anything useful you could tell me that i need to know?

thank you.

—ivan, united states


Dear Ivan,

When the energy begins to awaken in your astral body as a result of your meditations or spiritual quest, many things can and do happen.

Lights and colors are seen, sounds are heard, pressure, tingling, heat or cold are felt at various places in the body, and many other things.

These things don’t happen to everyone, but for many, they do. It is just a sign that energy is on the move and this is a good thing. It usually doesn’t go on too long before something else happens. It is a purification process we are all going through.

In deep meditation you see the fully formed spiritual (third) eye which is similar to what are describing. It is a deep blue circle, like a tunnel of light, surrounded by a golden halo. In the center is a tiny white five-pointed star. When we see this or something like it, it is a very good sign that our meditations are working well for us and that God is blessing us for our efforts.

The same is true of the pressure you describe at the spiritual eye.

You ask what else might be useful for you to know. You don’t mention what form of meditation you are practicing. but I’d strongly suggest that you learn and practice the Kriya Yoga meditation techniques given to us by Paramhansa Yogananda. They are very efficient in leading us quickly to the goal of the spiritual path.