I’ve Been Meditating — Why Am I Not Having Spiritual Experiences?



I have been doing the meditation since one year. I can control my thoughts and achieve conscious state of observation of breathe only. I meditate daily for one hour early in the morning. But, my experience is that, till now, i have not yet received a state of openings of "CHAKRA's", or "third eye experience" or "seeing the masters" or "Going beyond five senses" or "Achieving higher dimensions" or "Astral travel". Would you please guide me ?

Thank you

—Suraj Shahapure, India


Dear Suraj,

It is wonderful that you are committed to daily practice of meditation, and are able to control your thoughts, and observe the breath.

Meditation experiences might come gradually. The real question is how are you are changing as a person, as a result of your meditation.

Are you calmer and happier? Are your relationships with others improving? Even if there is only a little improvement, it means that you are making progress in meditation. During the day, become an observer, and notice if your life is flowing more smoothly. This is the result of your meditation. Be thankful to God for it.

When you meditate, do your best, with relaxed effort and self offering to God, not expecting any rewards. Expectations create tension, which will be an obstacle to making progress in meditation.

It is up to God, to grant us divine experiences, if it is beneficial for us. For some people these experiences, might cause them to get caught in pride and their ego, and therefore, its not good for them. Have faith that God will give you what is best for you.

A person can be very advanced spiritually, but not have any outward experiences. These are not necessarily an indication of spiritual progress.

I would suggest that you continue to practice meditation with an attitude of trust in God, that whatever God gives you, or not give you, you’ll accept with love.

I don’t know what meditation practice you are doing, but you might consider checking the path of Kriya Yoga that Paramhansa Yogananda brought for Self-realization. You can contact Ananda in India to find a center near you. Visit  http://www.anandaindia.org/

Blessings on your practice.
Nayaswami Diksha