Keeping in Touch with a Departed Loved One


MY wife departed after a long traumatic suffering of more than 10 years of reccuring brain tumor. I was very confident of saving her as I tried different techniques. Unfortunately her soul departed in an unimaginable manner. After lot of analysis, I found that the root cause for her departure was she wanted to be relieved. And hence whatever effort is made to save her was ineffective. After realizing this fact, I felt a sense of betrayal and anger. How can I keep in touch with her soul?

—Naga , India


Dear Naga,

I’m very sorry about your loss. Loss of any sort is difficult and painful. The mind goes over and over the relationship with the departed soul. In many ways this is a needed and helpful process.

We need to realize, though, the departed one had a karma of her own. She needed to leave when she did according to her karma. It would be helpful for you to realize that you have your own karma, and you need to start working with your own life. This realization will come in time. The more you focus on God and ask Him to help direct your life, the sooner you will be able to follow your own path in life.

The best thing you can do for your wife is to pray for her soul and send her your love each day. When you pray, call on Divine Mother to help you. Feel Her energy behind your pray and love.
She is there for you and your wife. This will help your wife greatly. The more you connect with the Divine energy, the best for you and her.

Bless you,