Liberating the Body from Energy Blockages


Hello Ananda,

What should be done to unblock stuck chi caused by hand mudras?

Thank you for your response.

—frank, australia


Hi Frank,

Greetings to “down under” in Australia from Italy, where everything is just the other way around: when you are covering yourself up in cold Winter, we are sweating in Summer, and vice versa; and when you are enjoying bright noon, here Nature is resting in dark midnight… and vice versa. Fun to contemplate!

Your question is interesting: the practice of “mudra” comes from the yoga tradition, where they speak of “prana.” The word “chi” on the other hand comes from the Chinese culture. Since I am trained in the yogic world, allow me to speak of “prana.”

A block of prana in the body can be dissolved by self-effort in two ways:

1) Eliminating the prana blockages in the nerves by yoga principles

2) Increasing the flow of prana through energization

Let me begin with number 2, as this is Yogananda’s speciality: energization.

Try this:

Inhale slowly, gradually tensing your fist (low, medium, high) to the point where it vibrates. Gaze upward at the point between the eyebrows, and with concentration feel the energy flowing into the body through the medulla oblongata (at the base of the skull). Hold the tension for a few moments, and consciously fill your hand with energy. Then exhale and slowly relax (medium, low, completely), feeling the energy as it withdraws from the hand. Tense with will, then relax and feel.

This energization practice, done for some time, will “wash away” the blocked energy, just like a strong river entering a small stagnant river washes away all its stuck twigs, leaves, and any pollution.

About Number 1:

The “yoga principles” I am referring to is the practice of creating a physical stretch in that blocked body part, holding that stretch for some time, consciously breathing into it.

Try this:

Stretch your left hand out in front of you on shoulder level, palm facing forward, fingers facing up. With the right hand, fingers facing down, grasp the left one, pulling slightly. You are now creating a stretch in the left hand. Hold that stretch and consciously breathe prana into it. After a minute release, and feel the effect on your hand.

Then turn the left hand, having the fingers facing down, and repeat the same exercise. Again, feel the effect.

I think these exercises will help you. One can apply these same principles for any body part where energy is blocked.

May your hands be happily free,