Are Rama and Jesus the Same Soul?


Dear Sir / Madam,

I have read somewhere in the books that lord Rama and lord Jesus are the same soul. Could you please update if this understanding is correct?

I have also read from the books of Yogananda that Jesus in his previous incarnation was Eliseus and John (The Baptist) was Elias in a previous incarnation.

Request you kindly to clarify me that Lord Rama and Lord Jesus were of the same soul or not.

Thanks & Regards,


—Ramesh Aritakula, India


I have never heard that Lord Rama and Jesus Christ were the same soul. What is true is that all Realized souls are the same in God. It really doesn’t matter if one soul has manifested again and again unless it is to tell us – we mere struggling devotees – that these great ones come again and again to help us find our liberation and oneness in God. The sooner we listen to them in whatever incarnation we find ourselves and look to being freed, the sooner we realize our own oneness in the Divine also.

The great ones come again and again. Paramhansa Yogananda said in one of his poems in Whispers From Eternity: “Oh! I will come back again and again! Crossing a million crags of suffering, with bleeding feet, I will come, if need be, a trillion times, as long as I know that one stray brother is left behind.” How great is that? How fortunate we are to know that these great ones come to bring us to our true Self in God.

Joy to you,