Losing a Son


Namaste sir ,

I lost my 20 years son in an bike accident . Before nigth he was dull and told his friend that he was getting negative vibes . Did my son knew that he would die .

We r believers of God . We are broken with this incident ,our life’s are shattered by the death of my son .

We are planning for another child hoping that we get back our son . Will he be born again .

—Sree prasanna, India


Dear Sree Prasanna,

Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. I pray for you in this time of heartbreak.

Could your next child be a reincarnation of your son? Yes, it is possible. It depends not only on your desires and prayers, but also on what is best for your son’s soul. It might be best for him to return to you now, and it might not.

In any case, it would be very good at this time to send your son love and good wishes for his greatest happiness, along with gratitude for the time you shared together—all with as little attachment as possible. This would help him to be free to take his next step, whatever it may be, and help you to be free from needing him to return to you now in order for you to be happy.

Rest assured that the soul-magnet of love will draw you back together with him at some point in the future; God will take care of “when” and “how.” And meanwhile, offer your pain to God, and ask Him to send you solace during this difficult time. He will help you heal.