Low Self-Esteem


Hi, I recently changed my career path and started on a new one — one that I’ve wanted to pursue since I was a child. I’ve begun to realize that I tend to struggle a lot and get intimidated around people who I feel are better than me. I tend to skip on assignments and projects where I have to compete with people who I feel are more appropriate for the job at hand. I know that unless I try, I couldn’t possibly win, but my fear of not being good enough & lack of self esteem may cost me my dream.

—Nirja, India


Dear Nirja,

There is a wonderful book that Swami Kriyananda wrote to give us in all situations affirmations that help to bring us back to our center and expand our consciousness. It is called Affirmations for Self-Healing. I’d like to quote a little from one of the affirmations to help you understand that we can determine our thoughts and consciousness, that we do not need to live in habits of negative thoughts of our selves or others.

“Work should be done with a creative attitude — never for the sake of selfish gain, but for the chance it gives us to help create a better world.” “Work should always be done as well as possible — not out of self-conceit (or self-doubt), but in gratitude for the free gift of life, of sunshine, of water, of air — and in gratitude, simply, for our God-given power to be useful to our fellowman.”

The affirmation to say therefore is: “I will do my work thinking of Thee, Lord. I offer to Thee the very best that is in me.”

You see by taking your thought process out of the downward spiraling negativity and fear and directing positive energy upward, you will not notice what other people are doing. You have no control of them, nor should you. You should not fear them as you are a child of God also and living here on earth to accomplish what God directs you to do. He is directing you through your desire to do the work given to you. Give it your full attention. It doesn’t matter if others seem to be better at that task. It just matters that you will succeed by just applying your energies to what is given to you. Think that it is given to you by God and be joyful.

Bless you, Seva