Did Lucifer fall from Heaven, together with other angels?


Did Satan fall from Heaven, and did some angels follow?

—Da , United States


Dear Dan,
It is interesting. Yogananda indeed taught that the story of Lucifer is not only symbolical, but that he existed. The story of Lucifer falling from heaven is true. He was an archangel called “the light-bearer”, and was appointed to create. However, Lucifer rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. From then on, he created, and creates continuously, all kinds of suffering, darkness, and disharmony in this cosmos. Your thought is interesting, that maybe some of his “friends” accompanied him in his dark descent. Yogananda, however, never mentioned that particular point, as far as I know.

The cosmic event of Lucifers rebellion is mirrored within all of us, right inside of us. The satanic power in man is a reality: our inner Lucifer, the fallen angel, is rebellious against God’s all- consuming Light, hoping to escape the “awful” divine summons by fleeing into utter darkness.

Swami Kriyananda in his book Raja Yoga describes an inner dialogue between our soul and Lucifer:

“The soul in us says, ‘I can fulfill myself only by uniting myself completely with God.’
The Lucifer in us replies, ‘I can fulfill myself only by gratifying my animal needs.’
The soul says, ‘I can attain freedom only in absolute consciousness.’
Lucifer cries, ‘Ah, no, so great an awareness would be too demanding! I can attain true freedom only in sleep and unconsciousness.’
Many modern thinkers proclaim that our true self owes its allegiance to the mud of nescience out of which we have evolved. Thus speaks the Lucifer in man.”

So outwardly and inwardly Lucifer fell from heaven. He represents universal and individual darkness. Our job is to defeat him and his “friends”, thereby rising again into the great light of God. That is the great battle of life.

Yogananda once explained it in this way: “God was joy. He appointed this archangel to create this universe, but the angel was not satisfied with that. God created this world as a hobby, but it has turned out to be a terrible hobby where there is so much suffering. God feels pretty badly about it, but He has given free will and there is no way to get us back until we understand the difference between good and evil, and do His will. Until then there is no way of escape. Until you are cured of the sickness of delusion you will not be discharged from this hospital of delusion.”

May you be cured soon,