Meditating Instead of Sleeping Could Cause Problems


i’m meditating at night and concentrating on god within myself and i don’t sleep so will this not getting sleep affect me in any way??

also sometime i feel tingling sensation on my forehead point like getting pulled or some ants moving on that point what is it?

—ruchit, india


Dear Friend,

Meditation will sometimes cause sleeplessness or reduce one’s need for sleep, but sleeplessness is also very common and can be caused by many other factors. The first and most important thing is whether your lack of sleep is causing problems in your life: doing your work during day is an obvious one; mood swings, fatigue, sleepiness, irritability and similar symptoms usually occur as well.

If, therefore, lack of sleep is causing problems (as I assume it is, or, soon will), you should adjust the time during the day when you meditate. Perhaps meditate earlier in the evening rather than just before bed. You might also have your longer meditation in the morning rather than late at night. It is important to have balance in your life that allows you to sustain your meditation practices over the years. Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says that yoga is not for those who sleep too much or sleep too little. The balanced, middle path is the way to find God.

As to the other symptom of — tingling in the forehead — that does indeed happen sometimes as a result of concentration at the point between the eyebrows. Of course, there can be other, natural causes as well. Unless it is very bothersome, I wouldn’t be concerned. If helpful, rub your forehead when it occurs; or, simply ignore it. Beyond that I would not ascribe any particular spiritual meaning to that phenomenon.


Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman