1)I am trying to concentrate on middle of the eye brow. But within one second it changes or my mind changes to some other aspects. How to concentrate on the eye brow.

1) Earlier in my workings (practice)while I was chanting Oome (AUM), my voice was mixing with some other external sound. I was feeling & Some different type of feelings was there. Nowadays it is not there. why?.

A S bhaskara

—A S Bhaskara, India


Dear Friend,

Concentrating at the point between the eyebrows takes both practice and increasing relaxation.

Try this: keep your eyes open. Focus calmly and without strain, looking up just slightly, gazing through the point between the eyebrows. When the position feels calm and natural, close your eyes but keep the same calm but upward position. Practice this several times with each sitting until it is no longer needed.

You might also stretch your arm out in front of you at eye level, with your thumb sticking up. Focus on your thumb. If comfortable, close your eyes but keep the position.

This can only be achieved through relaxation!

As to sounds and chanting Aum, these things come and go. Just keep meditating. Remain even minded and still.

Blessings to you,
Nayaswami Hriman