Meditation Experiences


Hello Swami,

Recently during meditation I used to hear some soothing music, in addition to that pulling & tingling sensation on mu foreheads this been around more than 3 months now & last day I had a strange feeling while driving I got a vibrating vision on my right view.

Is something good going to happen & should I take any precautions.


Sreeni VK

—sreeni, india


Hello Sreeni,

When we meditate regularly, we open ourselves to experiences of the subtler energies within us. Sometimes we will hear sounds, soothing music, and the like. These sounds are based in the vibration of AUM and are associated with the different chakras. As energy moves in the chakras we might hear different sounds. If and when you do, offer this experience upwards to the spiritual eye. In this way, the experience itself is elevated, purified and more harmonious.

In regards to vibration and vision while driving it would be important to rule out any obstructions to your vision and ability to see. Having said this, I feel that you must base any further conclusions in your own experience. Has this happened before? Has it in the past been a signal to you of upcoming events or to be more alert?

In any case, I would use it as an opportunity to ask your Higher Self, at the point between the eyebrows, about its meaning. Try to inwardly feel calmness and listen for an answer in your heart. This is a valuable opportunity to develop further your personal dialogue with God which magnetizes answers and understanding of subtle truths.

Joy to you,

Nayaswami Maria