I am doing meditation but by blood pressure is increasing after meditation .Also at time of meditation sweat is leaving from all over my body .My question is is this natural ?if not please give me some suggestion

—Argha, India


Dear Argha,

Since you have not described what kind of meditation you practice, I can’t answer it specifically, but I can give you some general tips that might help you. Usually true meditation doesn’t raise blood pressure, or cause excessive perspiration.

Why Do I Sweat When I Meditate?

What can raise blood pressure is vigorous breathing techniques, holding the breath deliberately, and keeping the body or mind tense. The sweat can be caused by overly exerting the body through aggressive breathing techniques, by moving energy too quickly through the body, or encountering energy blockages.

Please check if what you are doing is straining your body instead of relaxing it. Meditation should not agitate or strain the body.

You might stop practicing your particular technique until you can discuss the specifics of what you are doing with someone who is an expert in meditation and can help you.

You can also try this meditation technique offered by Paramhansa Yogananda, which is unlikely to cause these symptoms.

I hope you will be able to meditate peacefully.

Nayaswami Diksha

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