How Do I Quiet My Mind in Daily Life?


What is true silence? Even though I don’t talk much generally, I have a very noisy & loud mind. It’s not pleasant. I find some peace when I meditate every morning. But that’s about it. My mind goes back to its noisiness. It’s a complicated noise palace. I want to slow down and experience true silence and stillness all the time. If keeping my mouth shut is not silencing my mind, what will?

—Sai, US


First, it’s great that you are meditating and able to find some peace. A restless mind requires training. Success comes with patience, commitment and regular practice/training. I would encourage you to try to practice a little more—perhaps a short meditation before you eat lunch or dinner—a brief practice before you go to bed at night. Once a week build the mental muscle of stillness by meditating twice as long.

When you finish your meditation, try to cultivate the habit of gratefully taking that peace into your daily activity. Whether brushing your teeth, making the bed, cooking, driving—move calmly and consciously, holding onto that peace. Use your breath as a reminder—breathe peace. Affirm calmness.

When the noisy thoughts come along, do they have a specific theme? (Likes, dislikes, desires?) The theme of those thoughts can direct you towards a practical solution. It’s not so much about keeping your mouth shut, but rather having the tools at hand that will quiet those thoughts effectively.

Beyond the meditation techniques we practice to relax and concentrate the mind, we have a quiver full of arrows to employ that can help shift and quiet unwanted thoughts in a moment—affirmations, breathing techniques, japa, prayer—many practical tools that are shared on this website. In addition to our daily meditation, the teachings of Yoga as presented to us by Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda offer simple practices and antidotes that help us move toward greater stillness and quiet joy.