My child is using drugs


I was recently at the Spiritual Renewal Week (Ananda Village), and spoke with so many wonderful yogis. While I was there, difficulties with my children arose involving drug use. One was receptive to my parental approach upon my return. My older son who is using as well has hardly talked to me in two years and acts more hateful than ever.

He continues to make me feel like my heart has been ripped out! Hriman counsels me frequently and his words and my spiritual practice helps... but I'm still in deep pain from all of this.Blessings

—Brian M Dotson, us


Family dynamics are often intense, and there are no quick fixes.

If a child is blocking a parent’s help, it can’t be forced upon him or her. Sometimes there is nothing a parent can do but keep the child surrounded in prayer … and wait. It is a good time to affirm that the child really belongs to God, and that in the long run God is in charge of the soul. The prayers will bear fruit in God’s time.

For a classic example read about the relationship between St. Augustine and his mother in his Confessions.

Nitai Deranja
Founder, Principal
Ananda Living Wisdom Schools