My New Job is Very Challenging. Should I Look for Something Else?


Dear friends, after praying intensly to gurudeva for a job, I got this new job but is so challenging: I have to sell something that is pretty difficult and the company have so many expectations about me! I really want to success but is really hard and I feel pressured, and I dont know if I really needs to strugle with this job or may be just looking for something else… What can I do in order to success and achieve what the company wants? Jai guru

—Jeniffer, Colombia


Dear Jennifer,

The mere fact that you have a challenge does not mean that you should quit. You asked for a job, and your prayer was answered. Now it is time to do your very best to meet this challenge. Pray for Guru’s help, and let the results be what they will be. If you cannot meet the company’s expectations, or if it harms your health, or if you simply cannot be happy in the job, then perhaps it is not right for you at this time. But before you give up, give it your best effort.

I recommend that you read Paramhansa Yogananda’s book, How to Be a Success, and practice what he teaches in that book. It is a great aid to success in any endeavor.

All the best to you.