No Matter What Is Happening, Turn to God


Respected sir,I am a beginner &I just wnt to confirm that as in scriptures 7 centers hv bn mentioned & they really as per scriptures do heaven (Swarga) & Hell (Narka) exist? i.e.Raurav Naraka (hell),Kumbhipak Naraka etc.etc.does the soul go to these places.If yes for for wt span of time.?then why do we suffer on earth,if we have already sufferd in hell?wt is the route of soul from death to the next life?whr do hell & heaven exist?wt is "Fate" and "Free Will" Plz guide.Regards AB

—strength_charm, India


Dear friend,

I appreciate your questions. Most beginners come to the spiritual path through suffering and I assume that this is true for you. Bless you and know that free will and fate both are at play here. There is so much to say about all the topics you have asked about that I think you need to find on-line some of the books Swami Kriyananda has written that give answers to these questions. Please do go on-line at or to get some of your answers.

You might also look to see if you live near any of our centers. Talking directly with another devotee is very helpful. The centers are listed, again, on-line.

But it is best always to know that no matter what is happening in your life, you must always turn to God for your answers and directions. That is why we need to meditate.

With meditation sit calmly with eyes closed and spine straight. Look into the spiritual eye and call to God there. If you have a guru, call to him there. Keep your attention fixed at that point and watch your breath. By watching your breath you will eventually see that the breath is becoming calmer and calmer.

Keep also thinking of God and guru. When you are calm, ask for your answers. What is really important to all is being able to withstand life’s waves of pain and pleasure with calm acceptance and joy. This joy comes from learning to meditate and being calm in all activities, by taking your calmness into your daily life. Just keep looking at the minutes with calmness and not worry about things that you cannot do anything about.

Being in calmness also helps to bring joy and love into your heart. With this love be kind and helpful to others. In this way, you will before calmer and happier. Serving others and helping them is a great way to bring joy into your life. In this way you will not need to worry about heaven and hell. You will be able to do whatever God wants you to with joy in your heart. He is everywhere and in all things, so He is with you always, wanting to help you and guide you through your life.

Bless you,