Non-Vegetarian Career


Pls Clear my confusion, I have attended Level 1 & 2, class at pune,

For few months now, i have been a partner in a chicken processing business, but as spiritual seeker i want to be a vegetarian, Is it ok to continue that business with friends, i want to use all the earnings from that, for a charity, or education of poor childern, is it a bad karma, pls explain on this, as a guru what will be ur advise to me, pls help me in deciding on this issue. thanks in advance.

—Manohar.R, India


Dear Manohar,

I appreciate your dilemma. If you want to become a vegetarian, by all means do so!

As for your business, I can’t advise you as any kind of an authority — you will find the right answer inside as a feeling in your heart. I can, however, share with you a few points that Swami Kriyananda raised when he was recently asked a similar question by someone in Pune who works as a fish farmer. Swamiji said,

“What really makes meat eating bad is the consciousness of the animals: they have anger when they are killed. Fish don’t have anger — death is sort of inconvenient. Cows are more evolved: they feel fear and anger, and they fill their flesh with those vibrations. Fish, chicken, and lamb are better. Beef, pork, veal are better to stay away from.

“Does your occupation get in the way of your spiritual life? No. You have to support yourself somehow. I would say, give your blessing to the fish that you catch.”

Swamiji concluded:

“On the spiritual path there are many more important things than diet. It isn’t what you eat, it’s what you speak — it’s what comes out you that determines what you are.”

In divine friendship,