Past Karma


What is the best way to neutralize ones past karma?

I feel intuitively that it is my past karma that is keeping me from achieving wealth and prosperity.

Thanks for your help.

—D. P., USA


Dear Friend,

Ananda’s publisher, Crystal Clarity, has published an excellent small volume of counsel given by Paramhansa Yogananda on achieving success and overcoming past karmic obstacles to success. I highly recommend it.

Because we cannot usually see clearly our past karma and even if we could, the best solution lies in the efforts we make here and now.

Among some of the key aspects of success I can mention are:

Will power, especially joyful willingness to take on and accept whatever circumstances and duties one has right here and now.

Accomplish by small, incremental steps new skills and deeds to build up the power of your success magnetism.

With meditation learn to concentrate upon one task at a time and to invoke the soul’s power to know what and how!

Unite your will to the divine will by meditation, prayer, and by your conscious intention to include the welfare and happiness of others in everything you do.

Yogananda once wrote to a student: “Making money industriously and honestly to serve God’s work is the second greatest art after the art of realizing God!” That’s quite a statement.

Be generous, be kind, give to others and serve God’s work.

Find a wise but independent teacher from whom to seek counsel.

Learn to enjoy what you do but never be satisfied that you have learned and accomplished all that you can do.

Never accept failure as the final statement of your potential. Don’t give up until you’ve accomplished whatever goal you set out to accomplish.

I hope these few key points will prove useful to you.