Peace from meditation?


I have been meditating, practicing EE for a long time now but I'm not getting peace from meditation , though during meditation my body is stilled but mind keeps wandering most of the time. I have been very anxious from my childhood ( I'm 27 now).This anxiety is more when I have to present something or when I talk to people, I get nervous in front of people and I can't help it.I want to get rid of my anxiety. Pls suggest

—KJ, India


Dear KJ,

Keeping up your practices of Energization “for a long time” is a wonderful thing in itself. Well done!

The wandering mind is not a thing easily conquered. Ask any long-time meditator! They’ll tell you it is a constant process, but absolutely worth the effort!

Our meditations are not to be judged by whether we can still the mind completely. It’s more a process of observing the small but steady changes we can see in our daily lives.

It sounds as though you are hoping that meditation will cure all your anxieties, especially around public speaking. Perhaps it will in time, but it may take some time — just don’t ever give up!

Try these suggestions. Open your heart more to God and our Masters. Pray to them that they come to you in meditation and daily life, to bless and strengthen you. If you would have peace in your meditations and daily life, meditate WITH peace.

Are you practicing the Hong-Sau technique regularly? It is excellent for gong into the little moments of inner peace, when the breath and mind are quite, even if it’s only a few seconds — these little moments begin to group together more and more, and then extend themselves out into daily life.

Are you preparing to take Kriya Yoga initiation soon/ Kriya will offer an even deeper way of going into inner peace.

And above all, meditate with devotion and without attachment to the fruits of your meditations.