Why Did People in the Old Testament Live So Long?


Friends why did Noah and other people in his time get so old the bible says that Noah was 930 years and he died was it a higher age ?

thank you

—jon joey joe joe, norge


Dear Jon,

Yogananda’s guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar explains in his book The Holy Science that the yugas (great eons of time) ascend and descend in cycles of consciousness, and people tend to live much longer or shorter lives, according to where they reincarnate within the yuga cycles. The “higher” the age, the longer lives people have.

Right now we are in Ascending Dwapara Yuga, (not a very high age, but it is ascending, so things are getting better very slowly) so you’ll notice that gradually people, on an average, are living longer lives as time goes by. In the highest of all ages, called Satya Yuga, which is many thousands of years in our future or conversely, in our past, living for many, many centuries apparently is not all that unusual. You might also want to read more about this fascinating subject in a very good book published by Ananda, called The Yugas.