Pray for the Desire for Your Heart to Open


I read this line: Nearly every man can withstand adversity but if you want a test a man’s character, give him Power.

Now God is so hungry for love, he wants all of us to love him ALONE . Plus, he has ALL the power. Given this nature: I cant even think of loving him, I mock at this very thought. Love him as brother, lover, mother etc? Can you love someone who punishes you for the birth you never wanted to take at the 1st place?

—Anonymous, India


Dear One,

I hope and pray you allow an opening in your heart so you may receive the only experience that is worth its weight in gold ~ loving God. Once you allow your self to receive God’s love all questions will be answered. Loving God and receiving God’s love is all that matters in life. There is nothing that can compare to this truth. This thought is very difficult for the analytical, logical and rational mind to understand. This thought is of the soul. For the sake of argument, let us say, the soul is a part of your highest self that starts where the mind ends.

The audacity of this “world” is to keep a veil of delusion over our consciousness. This delusion is powerful and subtle at the same time. Until an awaking can happen we are stuck in an extremely powerful mistaken notion or reality. We find our self stuck believing in distorted information of the senses. We rely on our puny intellect to form and shape our view of life. Until our heart opens we spend a lot of time running around in circles chasing our tail and thinking we are getting somewhere. Imagine wearing the wrong prescription glasses, gloves and ear muffs as we go through our busy life. We can do a lot but imagine how much better and more profound life would be once the apparatuses are removed. Visualize how much better life would be.

It is to say, when the heart opens to receiving Divine Love, everything we see, hear, taste, smell and feel is uplifted to new heights. Every thing changes for the better in ways our mind could not envision. Life becomes a dream, a state of bliss, or a superb sonata. Tears of joy will run down the cheeks looking at a rose. People will want to be held in your arms. You will feel compassion, peace and love as easily as breathing. And again, this is just the beginning.

But don’t take my word for it. Educate for yourself. Learn how to become a master of your own heart. Become drunk with bliss beyond compare. It will take some effort but it will be worth it. It will take courage, determination and a sincere desire to unite your heart with the ultimate heart of hearts. You will have to pray for the desire for a open heart and loving heart. But if you put in a little energy the return will be more precious than any thing of this world. With a little effort you may attract a divine being, a true guru who will help you to remember your true nature, your true higher self. If your efforts are sincere you may awaken to your own divinity.

Grace you can’t imagine will be yours. Your life will become so beautiful you will experience the divine romance this life is meant to be. But as per above, don’t take my word for it. Pray for the desire to honor your true self so that an indescribably holy new world will become your own.

In His Love,

Nayaswami Gopal