Pray for Those Who Challenge Us


My new boss is ignoring me and my work. He has pre-determined image of me. This causes me to be unhappy and unsafe. What are the techniques to eliminate all these matters?

—Kumar, India


Dear Kumar,

Life often presents us with situations like the one in which you find yourself. There are several answers, the primary one being that you must lift your consciousness to a higher place through meditation.

With the bigger perspective offered through meditation, you’ll see why your boss is behaving in this negative way and thereby, you can be more compassionate. Someone who behaves like this is often very unhappy for various unknown reasons.

Be sure to pray for your boss and visualize your sending healing energy, light, and love in his direction. Realize that you and he are one, and all that is happening now is karma being worked off between you.

Most likely, in a previous lifetime, you were the boss and he was the employee and you treated him badly. Now you get to see how it feels to be on the other side.

Don’t let him “get your goat, ” an American expression which means taking away your composure. Yogananda says this more deeply means “…don’t let him take away your peace of mind!”

Gain that inner peace daily in your morning meditations, pray for him at the close of meditation, then do your best to proceed in doing your work as best you can, without attachment, staying calm and centered at all times.

If you really do this, I think you’ll see a great difference in your working life.