Pray with Unconditional Love for Your Dad



My Dad’s a great humanbeing. Extremely intelligent with a pure and innocent heart. He is 71 now. Whoever sees him, falls in love wthhis smile, innocent face. He'salways been highly respected in office and amidst his friends and kin coz of his competence and character. But,one thing worries me. He doesn’t believe in God or spirituality. So much so that he walks into our pooja ghar wearing shoes. He breaksdown during tough times and ended up with a brain haemorrage. How can I help and pray for him?

—Nina, India


Dear One,

Sorry to hear about your father. If it’s O K with you, I too, would like to pray for him to return to good health.

For it is written, “Seek Ye first and all these things will be added unto you.” It is to say, if you want your dad to know God or develop spirituality then a good plan of action would be for you to increase your spiritual magnetism. The law of attraction says, “Like attracts like.” The closer your relationship is to the Almighty the more positive and uplifting your energy will be. If your father is open to receiving this heavenly energy it will naturally lift him to want to know and love God. The more in tune you are to a true spiritual master like Jesus Christ, Yogananda, Krishna or other divine saints the more your light will enlighten those close to you. For their light will merge with your light.

Deepen your relationship with the Divine Light and your light may change the molecules in your dad’s mind to want to be with God. As you progress spiritually your inner radiant ray may shine like the sun and become inviting to your dad. Meditate deeper and longer with sincerity and devotion. And it may have a quite an effect on your dad.

Keep your heart open to accepting God’s plan for your dad. Pray and meditate for your dad with unconditional love. There should be no judgment what so ever from you. I have seen for my self how powerful unconditional love can work. If it is your dad’s good karma to be closer to God then it will happen effortlessly and naturally as if by magic.

Peace to your and yours.

Nayaswami Gopal