What Does It Mean When I Feel My Third Eye?


Hello, since I was a child I have felt a gentle tingle, throb and pressure as the point of my third eye. When I was a child I could not stop it and it used to irritate me if I wanted to sleep. After undertaking meditation I can make the sensation happen and also turn it off at will. I wanted to ask what this sensation could be and if there is any significance to its manifestation. Many thanks!

—Chris, England


Thank you for your question. These sensations are most probably due to a concentration of energy at that point. The third eye is the doorway onto the subtler spiritual realms. As a child you may have been experiencing this as a memory. Experiencing it now, I would suggest that you use it as an opportunity to direct energy to your spiritual life and spiritual awareness. If you are not feeling to do this at this time, it is worth being grateful for it, acknowledging that this is a gift to be developed, and listening in your heart for guidance in this regard. Clearly it is a part your own experience of life and a greater reality. You might consider learning how to meditate. In any case, meditating upon its significance to you would be wise. A simple technique that you can do in five minutes is to:

Still the body. Close the eyes. Direct the gaze of your eyes upward to that point. When you feel calm, project from that center the desire/prayer to understand what this means for your spiritually. Then, listen in your heart for the answer. If it doesn’t come to you in that moment, it will come. Keep asking.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Maria