Reasons for Leaving a Relationship


Hi! Thanks for giving such helpful and accurate answers to my questions.Thanks a lot for your time. If I may ask one more question?

Does God or spirituality mention "The only reasons" for which we can leave a boyfriend or girlfriend after an intimate emotional relationship? Is it okay to leave our lovers after commitment (for reasons other than chronic infidelity) for other personal problems or are they sin in the eyes of God?

—Mona, India


Dear Mona,

When we have intimate emotional (or physical) relationships with another person, we exchange energy/life-force (prana) and our auras mingle very deeply. But if there is an important reason to break off the relationship, then it sometimes has to be done.

This decision, like all decisions in life should be made with a lot of prayers for guidance, and meditation to listen for the answer to your prayers. If the answer is clearly “yes,” then you’ve done your best and should just do whatever is needed and put it in God’s hands. Then move forward with your life in a positive way.

You ask about something like this being a “sin in the eyes of God.” Let me define “sin” for you in the way Yogananda did:

Sin is anything that keeps us from seeing/feeling the presence of God in our lives, as clearly as possible

Virtue is anything that helps us clarify (feel strongly) the presence of God in our lives.

Sin is also an error of judgment on our parts. We all make errors, all the time! But God does not judge us for that—we only judge ourselves—usually too harshly.

God loves us, no matter what we do or how we behave. But we can feel God’s loving presence much more, if we behave well and cling to virtuous behavior.

Being together with a lover or leaving him or her, no matter the reasons, big or little, is a serious matter. As I have said, it is best not to take any relationship lightly and to always consult with God and Guru before getting into one, or if it is necessary to get out of one, for any reason. You will receive inner guidance, and everything will then be more likely to turn out for the best.