I wanted to ask you question about Islam religion and some of its bigoted followers.We see around the world most of the offensive crimes, if not all are done my Muslims.If there was a single God what was the necessity for so many different religions.And why is it that Islamic followers are bigoted and indulge into crime?What is the speciality about that religion?

—Aditi, India


Dear Aditi,

I don’t believe God made the different religions. He made humans and gave them free will.

In this they create most of what you see – different religions, different languages, and decide that their way is best. They also create certain magnetisms that draw similar souls to their “banners”, so to speak. This may seem simplistic, but it helps to understand the play that is before us all.

Therefore, it would be best to spend time looking toward God to help us out of our problems, to find the joy that comes from Him. For God is pure joy and love. He wants our love and always gives this to us.

What can we do for those who are causing pain? We can pray for them that they understand karma and want to see the light. Pray also for those whom they harm, as I’m sure you do.

Bless you,