How to Remain Calm When People Challenge You


Hello. What makes a person very emotional, attached, sensitive? How to overcome being very sensitive. How to deal with people who are rude in tone or insensitive to times I just get hurt and don’t know how to respond. What is life teaching me through this?



—Tanzing, India


Dear Tanzing,

Your questions show your sincere quest to know and act in alignment with truth.

From the yogic perspective, the heart’s energy can be expressed in different ways, depending on how one allows his energy to flow.

When a person is in control of his emotions, he doesn’t react to outward circumstances, but offer his energy up to point between the eyebrows, the center of higher consciousness, to receive true answers, and then express his energy in a calm, non-reactive way.

When a person is out of control, and is caught in the reactive process, he allows his desires to control him and his energy is being expressed in negative ways.

The way out of the reactive process is to practice meditation every day. Meditation helps us to calm the reactive process and to act in a calm way.

The more centered you are in your inner self, the less other people’s reactions will touch you.

Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Be actively calm and calmly active.”

He wrote:

An unruffled calmness can be gained by deeper and deeper meditation.… Apply the experiences of peace and poise received during concentration and meditation to your daily life. Maintain your equilibrium amidst trying circumstances, and stand unshaken by others’ violent emotions or by adverse events.

Please visit this page to learn about meditation.

Nayaswami Diksha