Restoring Self-Confidence


I have been suffering from inferiority complex and sort of fearful nature and depression since long time. I am religious and spiritual and sometimes not meeting the standards of spirituality also contributed a lot for the problem -- partly perhaps due to childhood repression as my mother had angry and dominating nature. I lack self-esteem and all this has affected my body also. Please guide me what to do for long-term benefits.

—hs, India


This is something almost all people have to deal with at some point in their lives.

When we realize that our self-confidence is lost, it is important to rebuild it right away.

I think you would enjoy reading How to Have Courage, Calmness, and Confidence by Paramhansa Yogananda. It is full of solutions, action items, affirmations, and meditations. Yogananda says:

“If you have an inferiority complex, remember that success, health, and wisdom are your rightful heritage. Your difficulty is due to weakness, which may have had its inception in one or more factors. It can be overcome by determination, courage, common sense, and faith in God and in yourself.”

He gives also many helpful affirmations which help us to break out of insecurity and lack of
confidence. Here’s one:

“I will not limit my thoughts. I am Life, Intelligence, Health, Joy, Peace, and Power. This is the essential truth of my Being, and I shall try to express these qualities completely.

It would also help you to sing. This may not be something you are used to, familiar with or
even presently enjoy. However, it is an invaluable tool for moving energy and consciousness.
The music we sing at Ananda was written by Swami Kriyananda. Many of the songs act as
antidotes to negative flows of consciousness, moods, etc. By redirecting one’s energy in song
and in singing, our attitudes can quickly be redirected. Deep seated tendencies can be
transcended and, it’s fun! You can access Ananda Music through Crystal Clarity Publishers

Thank you for being willing to meet this head on. I wish you the best in this and in everything.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Maria