Sharp Sensation in the Forehead


I have been practicing meditation for over 15 years. Now I am always getting a prickling sharp sensation, and a sound at the top of the head, near the forehead. I always see some very minute particles vibrating everywhere. Due to the above I cannot meditate. Please advice me. Thanks Guruji.

—Onkar Nath Thakur, India


Dear Onkar Nath Thakur,

That prickling sharp sensation seems a sign that you are pushing the energy too much. I believe you are exaggerating something. Do you practice some strong pranayama? In that case, relax your practice, do it more mentally, more softly.

Are you maybe tensed in the forehead? In that case, again, relax. Yes, there can be a strong feeling in the forehead, there can be prickling, or cold, or warm, or some feeling of pressure, but nothing sharp, nothing that hinders your meditation.

About the “minute particles vibrating everywhere”: if it is a result of relaxation, it is a sight of inner lights, and then it is a good thing. If however it is a result of tension, and of that sharp feeling, it is not good. Relax.

It might be good for you, for now, to get the energy a little away from the head in your meditations. Practice devotion, concentrating on the heart chakra.

Also it might be good for you to practice some physical exercise, for developing the element earth. With a good element earth a strong rising energy can be handled much better.

In general, think of meditation as relaxing upward, not pushing upward.

May the Divine Presence guide your progress,