Spiritual Experiences


1. Few days back while thinking about Mahavtar Baba ji that whenver a true devotee calls he reciprocates, I thought If I call sincerly will he come? At midnight I got up and found that my whole house was filled with beautiful and strong chandan smell as if incence stick burning. What was that?

2. Yesterday while meditation in the morning, suddenly I felt strange buzzing sound allover and a big spherical vision like some planet ,I scared so it lasted for 2 sec. what was that?


—Kirti, India


Dear Kirti,

It seems that you have been having some very interesting spiritual experiences. Because they are not the norm, you may feel apprehensive about them. The experiences you have described do not seem to be coming from a dark force, which would cause one to become fearful. These experiences do indicate that there is more happening in this world than we normally see or hear.

Since you were trying to contact Babaji, continue to do so. You will find that he will respond and be with you. Do not dwell on these experiences as they, in themselves, will not take you to your goal of knowing God. Dwelling on them for awhile can increase your knowledge of the spirit world and that can be helpful and be fun. But to really find your oneness with the Divine Spirit, it’s best to go deeper into your meditations and your inner call to the great Babaji. Just give these experiences back to God and guru putting your attention at the point between the eyebrow and call to Him there.

Bless you, Seva