Spiritual Marriage


Does marriage and/or divorce have an impact on the ability to gain enlightenment/self-realization through Kriya yoga? Is it ok to still desire a mate or is it a quicker path when done as a single?

Also, if divorce was inevitable but one still has deep inner-sense to heal that relationship and, in essense, re-marry, for many reasons, including the feeling of having one eternal husband, is that helpful for enlightenment, or a mere distraction?

—Melissa Bunt, USA


Dear Melissa,

This is a very deep question. One that is not simply answered, as each person has a different karma to work out.

A simple answer could be such: if there is no ego left to deal with, marriage may not be helpful in obtaining one’s final liberation.

But most people are not without ego in some form or another. If there is a desire to be with another person, or if there is a need to learn how to work with people, then marriage could be very helpful.

In a situation where you would want enlightment and still have a desire for companionship or the perfect mate, be sure to chose someone who has an understanding of your spiritual path, and who is not threatened by it. Preferably, he would be also practicing the same teachings.

A negative attitude on the part of your partner could be a definite hindrance on your path to Self-realization.

The desire to find God is most important. It is the first priority for your soul’s evolution.

To learn more about this subject, you might want to read Spiritual Relationships by Paramhansa Yogananda. This book covers this important subject in depth.

Joy to you, Seva