Studying for exams


I have major exams coming up for my medical course. However, every time I think of the amount of revision I need to do in order to regurgitate the memorized facts in the exams, I get very anxious and try not to worry about it.

There is a lot of pressure put on us if we are aiming for a decent grade. What would you suggest I do to prepare and perform well for the exams without burning out?

—Nirmal, UK


Dear Nirmal,

The best approach is to tune into the Superconscious; this is where solutions exist. If you can rise above the limited tendencies of the conscious and subconscious then you are able to tap into the deep well of intuitive knowledge.

You will still need to do all you can in getting a grip on the facts and information that is needed for the exams but try to do so remaining relaxed and focused. Take some time to do some breathing exercises, the Energization Exercises, maybe some yoga postures, and some short periods of meditation during your studies. This will draw more of the Superconscious into your awareness.

Swami Kriyananda has shared about his own experience during his student years of studying for an exam on the language of Greek. His method was to identify completely with his subject matter; in his case he affirmed that he was Greek. In this way he was able to let go of the obstacles that normally present themselves. In other words he, in a sense, became his subject matter. Experiment to make this work for you.

In divine friendship,