The Truth About Babaji


I was reading about Babaji and came across a site which featured his interview. Towards the end of the interview he says that what Guruji has written about him in his autobiography is 90 percent his imagination & only 10 percent truth. This raises a lot of doubt in my mind. Is Babaji really present in his physical body ?

—anvita, india


Dear Anvita,

One thing that everyone must learn carefully these days is that everything you read on the internet is not necessarily true. According to Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, Babaji lives in the Himalayas with a small band of disciples, in no specific location (they move around a lot in, miraculous ways). I sincerely doubt that he “gives interviews” to anyone.

My own experiences have taught me that what Yogananda says about Babaji (or reports what others of our line of Masters have said about him) is 100% true. When doubts like this arise in your mind concerning things which your Guru says, it is important to go inside, meditate, and pray to Babaji and our Masters, and ask for clarity and guidance. I suspect if you sincerely do this, then you’ll feel Babaji’s inner blessings and guidance, and all your doubts will be dispelled and your trust in him and in his words will be restored.

You ask: “Is Babaji really present in his physical body?” According to Yogananda, yes, this is true. From Autobiography of a Yogi (Chapter 33):

“‘Blessed sister,’ Babaji said, ‘I am intending to shed my form and plunge into the Infinite Current.’

“‘I have already glimpsed your plan, beloved master. I wanted to discuss it with you tonight. Why should you leave your body?’ The glorious woman looked at him beseechingly.

“‘What is the difference if I wear a visible or invisible wave on the ocean of my Spirit?’

“Mataji replied with a quaint flash of wit. ‘Deathless guru, if it makes no difference, then please do not ever relinquish your form.’

“‘Be it so,’ Babaji said solemnly. ‘I will never leave my physical body. It will always remain visible to at least a small number of people on this earth. The Lord has spoken His own wish through your lips.’”