Thoughts Disturb My Meditations


dear one, jai guru, i am practicing hong sau & aum technique since one year. During meditation i hear the sound like that of a small river flowing down in a hilly area and sometimes in meditation a golden ring surrounding a circle of dark colour is seen by me which after 20-30 seconds disappears turning into white, these above signs raises a sence of peace & joy in me. My problem is that in meditation i am often disturbed by the comimg thoughts not able to meditate properly.i feels guilty.

—Rajeev, India


Dear Rajeev,

You are most fortunate to be able to hear one of the AUM sounds of the chakras (moving water) and to see colors of the spiritual eye – and most of all, to have the sense of joy and peace you experience as a result of your meditation techniques.

Stay with what you are doing, as it is obviously, with the help of God and Gurus, bringing you wonderful blessings.

Sometimes these signs appear for us for a while, and then are not there for a while also. The true sign of spiritual progress is how you are changing for the better, everyday, in daily life. Are you calmer, happier, able to meet life’s challenges in a focused and centered way? The other phenomena are nice, but not as true a test of your inner spiritual progress.

Everyone is disturbed by thoughts that come and go in meditation. It is the nature of the mind to think! But with practice, the thoughts slow down and periods of inner peace become longer.

Please do not feel guilty! That is a total waste of time and energy. Instead, be very grateful for what you are receiving in meditation and for a path which can take you all the way to God-realization.