Is It True that No Prayer Goes Unanswered?


Someone had once asked if we should keep praying for something even if it is not granted immediately. The website on Biblical teachings had answered, “YES”. They said no prayer ever goes unanswered. Even if God thinks what we want is not in our favor, we should keep praying because 1) It is God’s command that we should pray, and 2) We should keep praying for that thing till on day we find that we no longer want that thing. Is it true that no prayer ever goes unanswered?

—Akshaya, India


Well — it all depends on what you are praying for… Prosperity? Health? A happy marriage? Then yes, you should pray for these things, but also do the affirmations and inner work to achieve them. But also love God throughout the whole journey and process, and over time you may even adjust your view of what you want in life… Yes, prosperity is a good thing so you can take care of your needs and responsibilities, but even more so that you may bless others. Do not lose your peace seeking after riches, but expand your joy by sharing with others.

Yes — do take good acre of your health, for it is the temple of your soul. Use whatever grace you are given in terms of a healthy body that way to seek union with God, and to serve Divine Mother in other truth thirsty souls.

Do you pray for love, or to some day have a happy marriage? Examine the thought behind this desire. Seek first the Friend of all friends, in your own heart. For when we seek love in our lives, we should seek to give it, and not chase it down for our own benefit. Love is a blessing, but when we seek it selfishly, it eludes us. Falling in love seems to be a mystery that is not granted in every incarnation, but we can all work on perfecting friendship all around us. Develop pure friendship, and you can also pray for love in this way, if that is the “something” you are wondering about.

Are your praying to feel God’s love all the time and to be blessed with divine bliss when He deems the time is right? Then yes — do pray unceasingly for this, and learn to meditate, and develop devotion.

No good end is ever reached without devotion. No true success is achieved unless the heart’s feelings are involved. Will power itself is a combination of energy and feeling, directed toward fulfillment.
—Swami Kriyananda

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