Understanding Divine Love


Swami Kriyananda said in order to know love, you've got to give it away. That's the whole secret. it makes no sense; you give something away then you don't have it. But these are intangibles. They exist independently of us and they exist everywhere. But in Yogananda's beautiful song he says Ask of salvation but not my love. For if i give that away i give my self away. When God gives his love, he becomes poor. Is it that Gods love is cause, and ours only effect; subject/objective is different in love?

—sharon, usa


Dear Sharon,

I’ve had to understand the beautiful song of Yogananda’s that you quoted before I could answer your question. Swami Kriyananda recently expressed that this quote was Divine Mother’s play with her devotee, that she was really was saying she wants to give her love; it was her tongue-in-cheek answer.

Swamiji does say that to know love you have to give it. This is a basic concept, that in giving of yourself, serving others, is an essential part of the spiritual path. Being a dualistic world, you can’t just receive for yourself and not think of giving in return. Love will grow in your heart the more you share it with others. Divine Mother can only flow through open, joyful, loving hearts.

People who are joyful, warm, and loving, who are magnetic, are those that share all they have. They usually do not hold back. It’s a choice that each person needs to make – Do I want to be happy or a piece of dry toast?

Bless you,