Understanding Who God Is


Namaste / Hello,

I want to ask that I know we can take God as anything what we like for as a relation... like Arjuna with Krishna, etc. So please tell me what is God? When will the time come when we will be able to understand how God looks beyond our perception of understanding?

—Saksham Anand, India


Dear Saksham Anand,

I’m not sure that we could ever understand who God is even when we have attained some degree of realization. Through God’s consciousness we are all created; everything is created by His consciousness. Even when we are realized we can only merge back into His consciousness — into His stillness, as the still ocean of bliss. We won’t want to know anything else then.

Our small brains are not capable of understanding and knowing His manifestation and how He makes all happen. But we can know Him through His love and His bliss. We can know Him through our own stillness in meditation. When we are flooded with His bliss, it is said we will not care about anything else. Seek His bliss through acceptance and devotion. By accepting all that comes as a manifestation of God eventually our consciousness will become more attuned to Him. Meditate with calm acceptance and deep devotion.

Joy to you, Seva