What Can I Do About Health Problems Which Can’t Be Diagnosed?


After having several ailments that cannot be diagnosed, I am beginning to wonder if there is something happening energetically. When I was really young it was headaches. Then I started getting extreme stomach and chest pain. Recently I have developed neck, arm and back pain. I started gettng the neck & back pain after getting certified in thai bodywork. I can pick up people's emotions quite easily and sometimes it even makes me ill. But this new body pain is extremely exhausting. Many Blessings.

—Dawn, US


Dear Dawn,

First, I am very sorry to hear that you are having this exhausting pain. In answer to your question, on one level, all sickness has an energetic basis. First, there is our karmic pattern which gives us our health tendencies, and our strengths and challenges. But what can we do about it? Well besides going deeper with prayer, meditation and affirmations, we should first look at it in the most practical manner. You wrote: “I started getting the neck & back pain after getting certified in Thai bodywork.”

It is possible that the Thai massage work is somehow aggravating an underlying issue or weakness in an ergonomic sense. It fits that pattern more than the typical illness one might get from “picking up energies.” So even though Thai bodywork is a good thing, it may be stressing something in your body.

Likewise – yoga is a good thing, but we sometimes see repetitive motion injury in yoga teachers, especially as they get older. I have also seen this pattern in older massage therapists. Doing healing bodywork can be very fulfilling for your spirit, but it can sometimes be a stress on the body. Some need to give up the practice, while others simply cut back on the number of sessions in order to give the body time to recuperate.

Offer up this situation to the Light in prayer and meditation, and then sit in the silence to receive God’s presence into your heart. See if you receive an interior “whisper” to alter your practice in any way, be that more rests between session days or perhaps the ergonomics of your technique. It’s all about inner and outer balance.

Even though you have had a “mysterious” illness pattern in your life, there has been a strong theme of pain in various parts of the body. When a diagnosis is elusive, simply move forward in embracing the concept of radiant health, using right food, sunlight, affirmation and visualization.

Be especially mindful of anything that will help cure the pain tendency itself. It can be very soothing to take a nightly bath with Epsom salts, and the magnesium can help with a lifelong pain tendency. (If you use only one cup or less of Epsom salts per bath, your skin won’t get too dry…)

Increase the magnetism of healing thoughts and energy in your bodily temple. You will find gradually find yourself either healed directly, or at least guided on how to best address your mystery ailment step by step. You can find many helpful free resources here to get you started: Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry.

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