What causes bad dreams?


Hello. Recently I've been having dreams that are not scary but have me in a situation e.g. wanting to find or do something and just keep getting stopped or lost and becoming frustrated and upset. I have recently come out of a bad time at work and am a new Kriya Yoga initiate. I understand these images come from my own mind and I'm not dwelling on them but is it a good thing that they are being 'released' or is this my ego trying to make me unhappy and stuck in these feelings? Thank you

—Karen Lawrence, UK


Dear Karen,

Congratulations on being a new Kriyaban!

I suspect that your frustrating dreams are probably a combination of the bad time you had at work and the “old energy patterns” that Kriya practice sometimes stirs up.

This “bringing up of old stuff” is one of the things that Kriya Yoga is supposed to do. This way, you can be rid of it forever!

It’s part of the power of Kriya Yoga to purify you of all past bad karma, even stuff you’ve forgotten from this or other lifetimes.

But that doesn’t mean that Kriya always causes bad dreams. It may be just a phase you are going through in your spiritual life.

There are many phases, up’s and down’s that can come along. If you are patient and persistent, they will pass away.

Also, when you are under stress, that stress energy goes into your subconscious and is released in the form of what you might call “unfinished business” dreams.

Here’s what I’d do. Every night before going to bed, give everything back into God’s hands. Mentally surround yourself with a bubble of white light. Have a photo of Yogananda right at your bedside and let the last thing you do before turning out the light be to look into his eyes and pray for protection and for better dreams.

And work on your stress level so that you are calmer and more centered under all circumstances. Kriya and our Gurus’ grace will help out a lot with this, but other things will help also, like right diet, getting enough rest and exercise — that sort of thing.

And remember that in the last analysis, it’s all a dream — life, that is. We play our roles as best as we can, but to become too involved or too attached to anything causes great unhappiness.