What Happens to the Soul at Death?


Respected Sir,

I just want to confirm that according to '' Vedantas'' what happens to the spirit after it leaves the human body?Does it go to heaven or hell or reborn again on this earth?Does it remain on earth for some time or immidiately merges into the Supreme?Plz clear the query and oblige? Regards - AB

—Aditya Bhargava, India


Dear Aditya,

The soul is eternal, living encased in three bodies: the causal (or level of deep thought), the astral or energy, and the physical body. At death, we lose the physical body, and the soul continues to be encased in the astral and causal bodies.

When a person dies, he does not automatically become angelic. The desires and personality he has created in his lifetime go with him and draw him to an energetic plane that resonates with his energy. If a person has been hateful and argumentative, he will go to a place with similar energy. Such a place might feel like hell to you or to me, but it will feel normal to a hateful person.

The soul enjoys a rest in the astral or heavenly world until his karma to be there runs out and he needs to come back to earth to learn more lessons. After, Yogananda said, 5 to 8 million human lives, the soul finally realizes its oneness with God and becomes liberated from the cycle of birth and death

This is a broad and inspiring subject. I recommend that you read a very helpful book by Yogananda called Karma and Reincarnation. It will answer a lot of your questions.

In divine friendship,