What Is the Right Prayer?


While doing my regular prayers, i ponder as to what i should really pray for, the person's physical ailment, or his mental happiness, or growth of his/her Soul in a trying situation. The prayer says for healing in body, mind and soul. But its difficult (not impossible) to integrate all effectively in one prayer.

And can we pray for a person's liberation or his expansion of soul? Are those prayers answered by Divine Mother or we are not supposed to pray for someone's liberation?

—Vinay , India


Dear Vinay,

This is a very thoughtful question. I pray for what seems best for the person. Most people are just needing help with their physical or mental problems. Until these are more in control, it is difficult for most people to think of seeking anything else.

Otherwise and at times while praying for physical health, you will feel that praying to their higher nature to seek freedom is very good and necessary. Do not feel that there is any reason not to pray for someone’s liberation. The Divine will always hear your prayers.

One of the best prayers I have found is to mostly ask that the Divine help the individual in a way that is best for the him/her. Sometimes being specific in a prayer may limit what needs to happen. So pray for something specific if this seems pressing and then also pray for whatever the Divine wants for that individual.

Bless you and thank you, Seva