When Meditating I See Only Black


Hi, I’ve recently started doing meditation every morning however when meditating I only see black, no matter how hard I try I still only ever see black. Am I doing something wrong ? Please help Thank you

—Carissa, Australia


Dear Carissa,

Don’t worry about doing something wrong, you are doing something very right-meditating every morning. Congratulations!

When you close your eyes and start meditating the black that you are experiencing is just a lack of physical sight, which is related to the conscious mind. In deep meditation the inner light can be seen in superconsciousness. During your meditation remember to keep your focus at the spiritual eye, located at the point between the eyebrows and elevate your gaze about 20° above level. This helps to focus your attention towards superconsciousness. This should not be strained in any way.

Not all meditators see the inner light, and it can be a temptation sometimes to evaluate our meditation by “experiences“ we have had during meditation. Some signs that indicate progress in meditation are: you are feeling more peace in your life; you are more able to cope with life‘s challenges; you are feeling more connected to God, yourself and others.

Carissa, in your sincerity maybe you’re trying too hard. Relax into God with calm, focused energy. What we are truly doing in meditation is going home, to a place that we are very familiar with but may have temporarily forgotten. Enjoy the journey!

Many blessings to you in your meditation practice.

Nayaswami Pushpa