Why Did God Create Us?


I have heard that the reason for our existence and taking birth in this world is due to our Karmas and We need to elevate ourselves to get back to the Divine in our life.

But since we all are a part of The Divine, why in the first place we took birth Long long ago. ( As in the very first birth on this earth in any form of life). Why did the GOD send or chose to send some of hid part to this earth??

—Bhaskar, India


Dear Bhashkar,

I’m afraid this is a question that cannot be answered until we realize our oneness with God and are capable of seeing life as He sees it.

Yogananda has said that God created souls so that He might enjoy Himself through many. This, of course, makes us wonder about all who are suffering and not enjoying themselves at all.

Swami Kriyananda, from his own experience of bliss, says he thinks that it is the nature of Bliss to want to expand. Since God is Satchidananda, ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss, he wanted to expand that Bliss.

But truly the most useful question is not WHY did God create us, since we are here. The more useful question is: What am I going to do about the fact that I am created?

God has given us the mind that can ask questions such as this, and can long for Truth. He has also sent the great Masters to help lead us back to our true nature as one with the Creator. If you are interested in taking steps to discover Truth for yourself, I encourage you to explore this ananda.org site.

If you haven’t yet read Autobiography of a Yogi, I think you would enjoy it. (You can read it online at no charge.) It offers answers to questions you haven’t even yet imagined! If you’ve already read the Autobiography, the next book I’d recommend is The New Path, in which Swami Kriyananda shares what it was like to live with Paramhansa Yogananda.

May your journey lead you to the ultimate Truth,

Joy to you,