Why Isn’t Meditation Giving Me Joy?


How to Meditate deeply? I’m meditating since last 4 years, but still I don’t feel any joy?

—Kv, India


Dear Kv,

With all that one hears about the glowing results of meditation practice, it’s natural to expect joy or peace or love to result automatically from meditation practice. But our actual results depend not only on what we practice, but also on something that is rarely discussed: how we practice, how much joy or peace or love we are putting into our practice. If we don’t practice with joy, then we won’t be on the same “wavelength” as joy, so how could wed receive it? Instead, we need to practice with joy, or at least with a sense of enjoyment. Similarly, if we practice with a restless, impatient attitude—“When is peace going to come to me? I’ve been waiting too long already.”—we won’t be on the same wavelength as peace.

So if you want joy, practice with as much joy as you can muster. Simply decide to be joyful as you meditate — and in the rest of your life as well, for joyful meditations won’t result from living a gloomy life. If you can’t muster any joy — we all have days like that — then imagine what joy would feel like if you could feel it. Practice an affirmation for joy, such as “I came from God’s joy! I am joy!” Pray to God to help you attune yourself ever more clearly to divine joy. And practice your meditation with God, the Source of all joy.

In short, make your meditation more about what you are putting into it, and less about what you are getting from it.

Here is an article I wrote that I think you’ll find helpful.

Nayaswami Gyandev