Why So Many Religions?



I really wanna know why are there so many Gods and so many religions in this world. It confuses me to see so many religions,rituals, rights and wrongs. If I believe that there are many Gods and religions then doesn’t it mean that everyone has a different "abode" after death, according to their religion? Further, does'nt that mean that Gods have different "territories?" Please Enlighten me. I wanna follow but am so overwhelmed with the options!!!

—Aradhya, US


Dear Friend,

I am chuckling to myself! The intellect and our reason chaffs at the plethora of religions, rituals, beliefs, costumes, and so much more!

Yet, look at the diversity of human faces; clothing; types of food; languages. You see our cup of life can also be half full, not simply half empty!

What a glorious celebration of God’s ingenuity, creativity, humor, and sheer energy. All for the same purpose of glorifying and affirming a reality we cannot see, taste, touch, smell or hear!

You have to admit it’s pretty amazing. And when you consider the character and quality of some of the great saints and masters, and millions, if not billions of sincere seekers, you cannot easily or logically write it all off to man’s ignorance. Unlike the violence or depths of immorality to which humankind can fall, the religious expression, whether superficial, ignorant or wise, aspires to the heights of human longing and perception.

So, rather than decry than Tower of Babel of religions, let us rejoice at the diversity and color that attends man’s highest yearnings to know, love, and serve the invisible Infinite Spirit existing beyond, within, and as creation itself!

Having said that, as you and I have a human body; speak a certain language; live in a particular town, so are invited to express our God-ward inclinations and inspirations, clothing these also in whatever form or no form we feel in tune with. And, where appropriate share and join with others of like mind. For, we are, as God is, ONE!

Joy to you!

Nayaswami Hriman