When Will My Problems End?


Nowadays my life is full of problems. I am a 20 year old girl and my birth date is 20 feb 1997 at 6pm. My mom just lost her job. I appeared for a exam, passed it, but didn’t get the clg . I never ever disobeyed my parents or elders or teachers. Never treated the poor people bad, so why is this is happening with me. Now I feel like i am done with this life and i really want to disappear. My friends say everything will be fine, but i want to ask when it will be fine.

—Saumya Shukla, India


Dear Saumya,

Please trust in God. He loves you and knows about your good character. Know that there is a good reason for everything that is happening to you. It seems very tough, but in truth, it is all for your best. Life is like a school that gives tests, not only to you but to all of us. Sometimes very difficult ones. Behind them however, there is only one intention: to make us understand, to make us grow, to make us develop certain qualities which we need. Everything that is coming to you is intelligent, coming from the divine and loving hands.

So ask yourself: what does God want to teach me through all of this? The thing is, if you don’t learn it now, the Heavenly Teacher will have to send you into the same “class” again in the future. So please say YES to life, to this situation, just because in this way you say YES to God.

Another thing: when we are having a lot of trouble, it is always true that someone else is doing worse than us. Try to look around and see who is really needing help right now. Then help that person. In this way, you build up a positive energy and forget a bit about yourself. And it will make you happy.

You ask, when will it be fine? Only God knows. The point is, your own soul understands that what is happening to you right now is good and necessary for you.

One last thing: whenever the feeling or thought comes, “I want to disappear”, send it away with all your strength, and affirm, “I can do it” and “I will do it”. Those feelings are truly a negative power, invading your mind. Fight against them. In the end, you will be victorious and will emerge as another, better person. “An easy life is not a victorious life,” Yogananda said.

Please pray for God’s assistance in all of this. With Him, all will be better. When you are out of this present tough time, keep praying and loving Him. Your life will take on another and most beautiful color.

I send you my brotherly love,