Yogananda and the Mormons


I know there are a lot of Mormons that were involved with Yogananda's work. I have also read that Mormons are deeply connected with conspiracy theories and secret societies. My question is to what extent Yogananda spoke on those subjects, and to what extent he might have agreed or disagreed or was involved with the philosophy behind the secret societies such as the freemasons?

—Bill Mcdaniel, America


Yogananda did speak of the Mormons from time to time but not, to my knowledge, regarding their relationship to such societies nor about such societies themselves.

Yogananda would not have had any reason to draw inspiration or validation or even comparisons with such societies. His own work was new enough to America culture. He would surely not want in any way to associate his work with clandestine or otherwise “underground” movements.

I’ve only studied such things a little bit and if there are any parallels between, say, freemasonry and metaphysics all one need say is “truth is truth,” no matter how expressed or by whom. Some wisely, some foolishly.

I’ve never come across a reference by Yogananda to conspiracy theories. Surely he knew of many. His own life was, when he was a young man in India, surrounded by the rising rebellion among young and restless Indian intellectuals against the British. He was even approached to help lead the movement. He declined, saying it was not his work to do, but that he predicted India would be free in his lifetime through non-violence.

Nayaswami Hriman