A Black Angel Is Following Me Everywhere I Go


There’s a black angel following me everywhere I go. A man with the third eye once told me there’s a huge giant black fat man following me. I wasn’t surprised when he told me, because I can’t get close to people, and people can't get close to me because this situation fights & hurts people when I get close to them. One day a friend was bold to tell me. Please, I really need help and answers. I am losing friends and family.

—Gabby, Ghana


Dear Gabby,

This ”black angel” could be an entity, a negative “tramp soul” as Yogananda calls them (souls who are so attached to this world that that don’t leave to the higher worlds at death). Or it could be a psychological “black angel;” something that in truth is part of your own mind.

In the first case, these dark astral beings love to go to dirty places, low energy situations, bars where people get drunk and to negative environments. They hate places of light, pictures of Masters, divine vibrations. What you can do in such a case is put pictures of Masters on your wall. Avoid completely all low-level environments. Wear a necklace of a Master’s picture. Use incense. Pray. Have divine music in your home. Chant God’s name during the day. If you do that, no dark being will want to stay around you for long.

In the second case, meaning that this “man with the third eye” was only imagining things (it happens very often) and that this dark being is actually part of your own psychological subconsciousness, the strategy is similar: where there is light, darkness cannot exist. So again: fill yourself with beautiful uplifting thoughts. Increase pure love in your heart, and express it. Pray, think of God, meditate if you can. Sing to the Spirit. Surround yourself with uplifting people whenever possible. Tune into the Masters and invite them into your home (using their pictures), into your mind (read their texts), into your heart, into your actions.

You will see if with great determination you nourish the light in your life, that dark being, whatever it is, will disappear.

In Divine Friendship,