Is My Dream a Message from God?


Hi Swami,


Since long time I am practicing meditation,

And yesterday night I woke up in between my sleep and took some water and while going back to my bed, all of a sudden I saw a blue color glooming like diamond on my pillow.

I really thought it was physically material and when I was trying to remove it,I realized that it was just a light and by the time it got disappeared.

I am really curious to know that, is it some kind of msg from God.

—Sreeni VK, UAE


Dear Sreeni,

We are very glad to hear that you have been practicing meditation for a long time. When you are sincere meditator, many things like visions, lights, or sounds can and often do occur. They are not necessarily specific messages to you from God, other than to let you know that your efforts at meditation are helping you grow spiritually and calming your mind, to the extent that you can experience this kind of thing. It is most likely a blessing from God. Therefore, the best thing to do is to be thankful.

If you feel you need further guidance about exactly what is happening, pray that an answer may be given to you. Do this at the beginning of your meditation, and then put aside your question and calmly meditate. At the close of your meditation ask again and wait quietly to see if there might be an answer for you. It may come at that time, or possibly later. In any case, just be happy to know that you have received a loving and divine blessing in the form of Light!